Melbourne Incentive Program
AU$10 for every person that joins your game.
This incentive will change over time, and details will be updated here:
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Make sure it's Whatsapp enabled, we'll be including you into a Deemples Melbourne Ambassador Whatsapp group. Please include country and area code: eg +614xxxxx
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Full mailing address, in case we have some merch coming your way.
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Share at least 1 account, so we know where you'd be sharing your social media posts. Best if you have multiple, or all of them! Make sure they're set to public.
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Include 1) Name of Bank 2) BSB 3) Bank account number 4) Your name on the bank account 5) Your address on bank account (4+5 if different from above). So that we can make prompt and accurate payment for your incentives.
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I agree to the terms provided for this incentive program, and have the right to drop out at anytime. *
All details on: Excited to have you all on board, to help grow Deemples in Melbourne!
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