Sexuality Survey
Hi I’m Almaz,

This survey is part of my research for my book on sex, pleasure and colonialism. Names aren’t actually required, so if you’d like to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, please just indicate that. If you’re willing to be contacted for a follow-up interview, please include your email – you can remain anonymous and still participate in a follow-up interview.

You can find a small selection of participant's responses via this link:

NOTE: All anonymous responses regarding school and university names will remain confidential and will not be included in the book itself. Thanks for taking part!
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(Book currently untitled...)
1. Name
2. If you’re open to a follow-up interview, please share your email address
3. Age
4. Location
5. Ethnicity
6. Gender Identification
7. Sexual Orientation
8. Where did you go to University / College / Higher Education Institution (Please give name)
9. Where did you go to Secondary School / High School? (Please give name)
10. Where did you go to Primary School / Elementary School / Preparatory School? (Please give name)
11. What do you do?
12. Relationship Status (be specific e.g. married for five years / co-habiting with partner / in a polyamorous triad etc.)
13. How old were you when you received sex and relationships education (if any)?
14. Is there anything you can remember that sparked your sexual / intimate desires, e.g. a certain person /  a film / a song / an advert?
15. Roughly, at what age were you when this happened and how did it feel?
16. How old were you when you had sex with someone else for the first time?
17. How many significant relationships have you been in (if a casual sexual arrangement was significant to you in some way, please do include those types of relationships here!)?
18. Do you have guilt or shame around desire / sex / pleasure? Please explain why / why not?
19. Do you enjoy sex?
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20. Please can you explain your answer to the above question
21. If your answer to question 19. was "No", what is stopping you from enjoying sex?
22. How do you think your own sexuality is perceived by others (e.g. do you think people perceive you as a sexual being? Do you think people see you as someone who is / isn’t very into sex?)
23. Have you ever taken steps to gain more of an insight into your sexuality (e.g. gone on a course / been to a sex therapist etc)?
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24. If your answer to question 23. was "Yes" how useful was this? e.g. How did you change sexually? / What were you expecting to change or improve sexually?
25. Do you have children?
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26. If your answer to question 25. was "Yes", at what age did you first speak to them about sex and relationships (if at all)?
27. If your answer to question 25. was "No", do you think you'd like children in the future? Why? / Why not?
28. Do you support compulsory sex and relationships education? Why? / Why not? NB. The ‘Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education’ curriculum became compulsory for all schools in the UK from September 2020. See here for info:
29. Any other comments that come to mind? Do share!
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