HER Fund 母親節蔬果花班報名表 Veggie Flower Workshop

感謝您對 HER Fund 蔬果花班 有興趣!活動所得收益扣除成本後,將全數撥捐予 HER Fund 婦女動力基金,作推動本地性別平等之用。(如欲了解多點「她」,請到訪:http://www.herfund.org.hk)Thank you for your registration! The proceeds of the workshop will donate to HER Fund to advance gender equality. (Know more about HER: http://www.herfund.org.hk)

【報名及訂購須知 Notice】
1. 因名額有限,先報先得,先付款再作實。Quota of registration and order is limited, first come first served, confirmation will be after payment.
2. 當我們收到您的報名後,將會以電話聯絡您作確認及解釋詳情。After receiving your registration and order, we will contact by phone to explain further details.
3. 花紙及其他配件等如遇缺貨,會以近似的材料或顏色代替。 Materials and color of product may change if the original materials are out of stock.
4. 條款及須知最終解釋權利歸於本會。The rights of final interpretation of the terms and conditions are attributed to HER Fund.

【付款方式 Payment Method】
1. 支票付款 Cheque:
抬頭請寫「婦女動力基金有限公司」,請提供您的個人資料方便我們發出收據。Please make the cheque payable to “HER Fund Limited” and provide your name and contact information for us to issue receipt.
2. 銀行或 ATM 櫃員機轉賬/網上理財 Bank-in OR ATM Transfer:
渣打銀行戶口號碼 Standard Chartered Bank account 301-101-5301-1
中國銀行戶口號碼 Bank of China account 012-898-1-036069-0
請把存款收據電郵至 info@herfund.org.hk /fax至 23967488給我們。Please email or fax the bank-in slip to us via info@herfund.org.hk / 23967488.

【聯絡及查詢 Contact and Enquiry】
電郵 Email info@herfund.org.hk/電話Tel 27941100

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