Mystery Novelist Virtual Escape Room
Although you have been to MysCon (the nation's biggest and best Mystery Lover Fan Convention) many times, this is your first visit as a published mystery writer. You even have an interview panel of your own coming up hosted by your biggest BookTuber fan! As you await the start of your panel in the backstage green room, you notice an exhibit nearby that will open later for this evening's festivities. It's a mystery-themed escape room! You love escape rooms and can't resist taking a peek. After all, you can be trusted not to give away any secrets! The door closes behind you and an ominous "click" echos in the silence of the room. You're locked in. You must have triggered the door's puzzle lock by entering the room. In order to find your way out, and make it to your panel on time, you must use your mystery-writing talents to solve the locked room mystery!

As you investigate the door, you see that the lock has seven keyholes. You look around the room for clues, and notice that there are seven boxes on the table in the center of the room. The boxes must correspond to the locks! Examining the boxes further reveals that each has a clue written on its lid. The boxes are sealed with a variety of keypad locks. You decide to take each clue in turn and trust that whatever is inside these boxes will allow you to open the door.
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