The Church in Brielle Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2019
Welcome to the registration form for Vacation Bible School. Please complete the form below, so that we can better accommodate your child's needs along their journey..
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I do give / do not give permission for photographs of my child/children to be posted on The Church in Brielle Facebook page, website, or used during Sunday morning Worship. I understand that photographs will not be accompanied by my child’s/children’s name(s). *
We may be photographing the children as they participate in the various activities. Photographs of the children may be posted on The Church in Brielle Facebook page and/or website. We want to share and celebrate the success of the program. Photographs of children may also be used as part of our Sunday morning Worship service. Photographs will not be accompanied by children’s names. We need parental permission to publish children’s photographs. No child’s photograph will knowingly be published without parent permission.
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An acknowledgement email will be sent after we receive your registration. Payment options will be included in this email. If you have any additional information you would like to provide please do so below.
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