Rock Point High School Counseling Student Intake form 2020-2021
Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year, My name is Kevin Martin and I am your Traditional School Counselor. Even though we are facing difficult times, its important that your Social Emotional, Academic, and Career mindset is healthy and strong. I am your advocate throughout the year and will be available if you need help, just ask. (928) 659- 4221 ext. 303

Accordingly, all secondary students need to fill out this confidential counseling intake form. Each student has an individual file and it is confidential, meaning no one has access to this information other than the school counselor. This information can not be viewed, downloaded or otherwise accessed by anyone other than me, so please feel safe in knowing that your information is private.

Confidentiality Statement: All Information students share with the Counselor is confidential. The student's right to privacy is guarded as much as permitted by the law. All meetings / information held with the Counselor will remain confidential unless permission is given to share information with designated parties.

Professional School Counselors, follow FERPA guidelines and the American School Counseling Ethics and Legal recommendations. The care of personal information disclosed (including this form), between ourselves and students,will remain confidential except in the following cases:

If the student presents danger to him or herself.
If the student presents danger to others.
If the student has been abused by others, and/or if required to do so by court order.
If the student gives permission for the information to be shared.

As mandated reporters, we are bound by Federal and State law to break confidentiality in the situations mentioned above and will do so to protect our students and to remain legally and ethically true to our profession. The Traditional School Counselor may consult with other school professionals but will only share information necessary to achieving the goals of the consultation.

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