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The Jackrabbit Speaks email newsletter reaches a global audience of over 200,000 Burners (and the Burn-curious). We only publish posts that will be of direct interest to this audience. Before you submit your post request, please review our post guidelines: https://burningman.org/jrs. Posts are published at the editor's discretion, and may be edited for content prior to publishing.

Use this form ONLY to submit post requests, NOT subscribe or unsubscribe requests. Learn how to do that here: https://burningman.org/jrs

While your post may be appropriate for the JRS, it may be better for you to use our other communications channels, such as the ePlaya (https://eplaya.burningman.org), your local Regional list (https://regionals.burningman.org), or the Burning Man Facebook page (www.facebook.com/burningman).

Editorial Tips/Requests (thank you!):
- Keep your post as short as possible.
- Double-check your spelling and grammar.
- Please include an image to accompany your post. Upload to Google Drive/Dropbox/whatever and include a link to it.
- Use a single space after a period.
- Capitalize "the Burn" and "Burner".
- Avoid ALL CAPS.
- Use Title Case for Post Titles
- Write in first person, not third person.

Please note: if you're submitting a photo gallery or video, you should know that we get hundreds of submissions every year and yours might not be published for a while. Thank you for your patience.
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