Pledge to Vote for SFU Progressives 2021
Join SFU progressive in the 2021 SFSS Elections to build Student Power Stronger on Campus.

The Progressive Caucus stands by the Charter of Beliefs on Various Campus issues and wish to build power across student governance bodies within SFU. Over the last year, so much has been done, but there needs to be much more work done.

Over the last year, candidates and organizers who believe in our values were able to:
- We had 800 students attending the Annual General Meeting and ushered in a condemnation vote of Tuition Increases in the middle of the pandemic by SFU
- Piloted new funding models for Clubs and Student Unions
- Passed COVID relief fund for students at a value of $150,00
- Won Pass/Cr/NC for students through advocacy to senate and pushing for improvements
- Pushed successfully joining the Don't Forget Students Campaign for COVID relief funding for students and won the Canadian Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)
- Worked with Migrant Student to win work permits for graduating International students essentially stopping thousands of deportations
- Implemented roll call votes so students know how their board members stand on their votes and not behind secret ballots
- Passed motion to support Black lives and support redistribution and support community safety initiatives as an alternative form of public safety that's safer for marginalized communities and to limit RCMP recruitment on campus
- Many more as can be seen in the SFSS Reports:

Join us in supporting the SFU Progressives (Gabe for President, Matt, Corbett, Serena, Marie, Almas and Jess as VPs) to continue to build student power on campus and protect and fight for marginalized students.

Pledge to vote and we will be communicating with you via text and email to keep you involved with the campaign!

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MY ENDORSEMENTS for SFSS 2020 Elections:
1. President - Gabe Liosis |
2. VP University and Academic Affairs - Serena Bains |
3. VP Finance and Services - Almas Kaur Phangura |
4. VP Internal and Organization Development - Corbett Gilderselve |
5. VP Equity and Sustainability - Marie Haddad |
6. VP External and Community Affairs- Matt Provost |
7. VP Events and Student Affairs - Jess Dela Cruz |

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