Re-Imagining Migration Online Seminar and Fellowship Application

Re-imagining Migration is offering a unique online learning experience for K-12 teachers, school administrators, and education professionals working in schools, museums, after-school spaces. This seminar will introduce participants to the Re-imagining Migration’s approach to advance the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decrease bias and hatred against these youth and help all young people develop the understanding and habits of mind, heart, and civic participation to nurture inclusive communities and healthy democracies. During the course of the online seminar participants will engage in a blend of instruction, interaction with leading scholars and inspiring educators, and reflection on the construction of learning experiences designed to ensure that young people grow up understanding migration as a shared condition of our past, present, and future.

During the Seminar Participants will:

*Engage with leading scholars of im/migration and education.
*Experience, understand and learn to apply Re-imagining Migration’s framework
*Learn how to create, asses, and sustain inclusive environments that signal belonging and respect for immigrant-origin students, their peers, and the broader educational community.
*Experience and learn to apply and customize Re-imagining Migration’s learning arc and approach to curriculum design.
*Interact with leading educators from across the United States and the world.

The Re-imagining Migration Fellowship Program

Central to our efforts to spur educational innovation is the Re-imagining Migration fellows project. Now entering its second year, Re-imagining Migration fellows are leaders from across the educational ecosystem, including artists and filmmakers, community organizations, museums, schools, and schools of education.

Applicants to the Re-imagining Migration fellows program propose an action research project based on our educational framework, attend our annual seminar, design their project with the assistance of Re-imagining Migration staff and fellows, and agree to share the results of their world with educators around the world.

2020 fellows will:

*Participate in the online seminar at no cost to themselves or educational organizations.
*Receive customized professional support and coaching from Re-imagining Migration Staff at no cost.
*Design an inquiry project based on the Re-imagining Migration framework and learning arc which they will carry out during the 2020-2021 school year.
*Participate in at least three follow up meetings with Re-Imagining Migration staff and fellows.
*Document their practice and share their learning with our network.
*Present their inquiry/action project in at least one professional development setting (e.g. conferences, workshops, webinars, etc.).

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