NAAN Request Form: register to assign ARK identifiers
If you represent a memory organization (such as as library, archive, data center, museum, etc.) or a content producing organization (laboratory, publisher, campus department, etc.), you may use this form to register your organization's interest in assigning Archival Resource Key (ARK) identifiers. You may also use this form, especially the final "Other information" field, to submit updates if you have an existing registration. See for more information about ARKs.

When your registration is verified, a unique NAAN (Name Assigning Authority Number) will be set aside exclusively for your organization. If you have questions about this form, please user the discussion group at .

Contact name: *
Name of person employed by the memory organization. Please put the surname last. Example: Sam Smith.
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Contact email address: *
An email address for the above named person, which we will use only to verify registration and for rare support questions. Preferably it will be the address of the employee's organizational role, since different people may take up that role over time. If you work for a service provider, enter your contact information in a later section.
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Organization name: *
The name of your organization (such as a library, archive, data center, museum, or gallery) that is the primary holder of the objects to which identifiers will be assigned. Example: National Library of Narnia.
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Position in organization: *
Job performed by contact person in the memory organization. Example: archivist.
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Organization address: *
Physical or street address. Example: 123 Main St, Oakland, CA 99999, New Zealand.
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Organization base URL: *
Your organization should plan to include future support for ARKs embedded in URLs that are formed from a base URL extended with "/ark:/YourNAAN/YourIdentifierString". For example, with NAAN 12345 and object 9876, an ARK formed by prepending the base URL to "/ark:/12345/9876" should return a response for that object. If you don't currently support ARKs, enter the homepage of your organization's main website. Example:
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Organization status: *
Commitment to data persistence: *
In assigning ARKs to data, the NAAN holder (the organization requesting the NAAN) agrees to make a best effort to store and manage that data and any core metadata such that persistent access to it can be provided. (The NAAN holder is encouraged but not required to make all data and metadata publicly available.)
Organization acronym preferred:
If you don't give a preferred short form of your memory organization's name, an acronym will be assigned. Example: NLN.
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Service provider:
If you work for a service provider and are filling out this form on behalf of a memory organization contact person, enter your own contact information and provider name here. Otherwise leave it blank. Example: Sam Smith,, Acme Archiving Associates.
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Other information:
Anything else you wish to tell or ask us, for example, that you wish to update an existing registration.
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