Crock-Pot Cook-Off Entry Form
Participation Information

We ask cooks to prepare a minimum of 5 quarts of their favorite crock-pot recipe. Contestants have run out in the past. The more people who taste your entry means more people can vote for your dish! Garnishes are encouraged (and appreciated by event attendees!).

Take all appropriate precautions in cleanliness and preparation for serving to the public. This includes wearing a hat.
Bring your own electric crock-pot or means to keep and serve the dish at the proper temperature. You will have access to an electrical outlet.

Bring your hot dish by 5:40 pm to set up prior to guests arriving.

The entry fee is $10. This can be paid through Square or by check made out to the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association and sent to the NENA Office: ATTN: Cook Off, 4313 E 54th Street, Minneapolis MN 55417.

You do NOT have to reside within Nokomis East to enter the contest.

Provided to Cooks:
Table space and chairs
Electrical outlets to plug in crock pots, etc.
Bowls/cups and spoons will be provided to attendees

Attendees will be given sample cups/bowls and spoons for tasting each of the entries at the event
Attendees will receive three voting tickets, to be allocated as they wish. Attendees may use all their votes for one dish or vote for up to three different entries
All voting will be concluded by 7:10 pm and the winners will be announced at 7:25 pm

The crowd favorite winner will receive a trophy and will be recognized in the Longfellow/Nokomis Messenger, and on the NENA website & Facebook page.

For more information please contact NENA at or 612-724-5652.
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