Marketing your Small Business: The good, the #$%&, the way forward?
Just a few short questions! Thank you for sharing your experiences so I can fine-tune my program!
What feelings instinctively came up when you read "Marketing your Small Business?"
Feelings or words or phrases. Just let go what comes to mind when the topic comes up.
Your answer
If there was an Oracle in a far away land who could give you answers with simple clarity and 100% certainty, what three things would you ask him/her?
Marketing-related questions are best! I won't be able to answer any questions about past lovers or lottery ticket numbers.
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How did you develop the marketing plan you are using now? What sources of information did you consult?
Select as many as you have tried!
Of the information you have consumed so far regarding marketing, have any of them stood out as particularly helpful to you?
What was it that they shared that you found valuable?
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At this moment in time, how confident do you feel about your marketing efforts?
Imagine it is possible to insert a chip in your brain to download the information you want to know about marketing... What are the titles of the textbooks you would choose?
2-3 book titles if you can think of that many!
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Since we are at least two years away from the chip technology mentioned above (hah), what would be your preferred way of receiving the information?
So that I can build a profile for the type of business owners who will best benefit from my services, what industry are you in?
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How many employees do you have?
If you are interested in hearing more about the program I am building, please leave your name and email below!
INCENTIVE: I am going to choose and invite three people (at my discretion) to go through the coaching program for free!
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