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SiMODiSA re-affirms its commitment to bring together and represent interests of multiple organisations in support of the development and growth of start-up’s and scale-up’s as a collective voice in order to maximise impact and change that will drive job creation and economic transformation for our country.
To achieve this, we are inviting individuals and organizations to join our community of members.
SiMODiSA will lobby and engage the government on policy related matters on behalf of our members. We will publish an annual updated ecosystem map with all the member organizations represented.
As a member of SiMODiSA, organizations will pledge their support and resources towards supporting entrepreneurs

Furthermore, as a member you support SiMODiSA’ s efforts to:
• Bring together and represent organizations that support entrepreneurs
• Aggregate and provide resources that support entrepreneurs
• Lobby and engage the government on policy related matters collectively with its members
• Annually update the SA entrepreneur ecosystem map

Please complete this form to sign up as a member of SiMODiSA.
Members receive the following benefits from SiMODiSA:

1. Seat around policy shaping table (positive impact on South African public policy)
- Quarterly consultation prior to policy shaping workshops
- Opportunity to contribute to SiMODiSA regulatory submissions
- Representation when lobbying
- Policy updates and reviews
- 1x industry policy review and update per year

2. Curated access to the ecosystem (market access)
- Access to SiMODiSA aggregate member data
- Opportunity to conduct research and surveys
- Facilitated introductions to SiMODiSA members
- Participation at SiMODiSA events

3. Marketing (Brand Awareness and influence)
- Logo to be included on SiMODiSA marketing material
- Company promotion in SiMODiSA monthly newsletter, entrepreneur portal and social media
- Event promotion

4. Industry Expertise
- Speaker/panel opportunity at SiMODiSA events
- 3x mentorship hours per month
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