Data Request Form
We at ASSISTments want our data to be easily available to researchers, but we also have a duty to ensure that people who access our data use it in an ethical manner. We will do both things by using your email as a verification method.

If you have gotten email from us before, you should be able to complete these four questions to request new (or updated) data.

If you have never gotten data from us before, we will ask you to complete this page and a second one to request access to our files. You should only have to complete the access request page once (per email).
What is the problem set ID? *
This is the number or code that refers to a specific problem set. These typically start with "PSA".
What is your email? *
Please enter only ONE email address.
Have you used this email to get data from us before? *
If you have used this email to get data from us before, the system should provide you with your report in about 15 minutes. If you have never used this email to get your data, you will be asked to complete a second page.
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