Instrument Check Out
A separate form must be completed for each instrument checked out.
Student Name *
Student ID Number *
Instrument *
Instrument Serial Number *
Do you understand/agree that this instrument belongs to MHS and that you/your parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for its care and any damage you cause while checked out to you this year? *
If you leave this class or school, this instrument must be checked back in before the school will release you. *
At the end of the school year this instrument must be checked back in and be in good/playable condition. *
You are responsible for any extra things required to play or maintain your instrument. This includes but is not limited to: reeds, oil, grease, rosin, and cleaning supplies. Please visit a local music store or shop online ASAP. *
Reeds: Vandoren or Rico Royal 2.5-3.5. Valve oil and slide grease - Superslick. Rosin: D’Addario (Light for violins and violas, dark for cellos) Pops for basses. Cleaning swabs for woodwinds. Rags for strings. Etc. More later. Or email me!
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