MICRO Conference Diversity Survey
Please respond by February 28, 2018

As part of the MICRO-50 business meeting, there was a session devoted to discussing diversity in MICRO and more broadly computer architecture conferences. To start off the discussion, the SC co-chairs presented the following slides (https://www.microarch.org/businessmtg/micro50/micro2017-business_meeting-final.pdf). These slides provide data on gender diversity and participation of women in prominent positions (as one aspect of diversity) at MICRO and the top four computer architecture conferences, that were extracted from the SIGARCH blog entitled “Gender Diversity in Computer Architecture”.  A summary of the business meeting discussion is available (https://www.microarch.org/businessmtg/micro50/micro2017-business_meeting_notes.pdf).

One of the decisions the SC co-chairs made (in consultation with many members of the MICRO community) was to get input and ideas from the broader community on how to broaden participation of women and underrepresented minorities at the MICRO conference in particular (and in computer architecture conferences in general).  This survey is the first concrete action item for requesting such input. As Micro Steering Committee co-chairs, we are committed to strengthening the conference and the community by  tackling the diversity issues using a systematic approach. We are therefore sincerely seeking your input and feedback.

We would like your answers to the following questions, and we are especially interested in hearing your new (or old) ideas on how to improve diversity and inclusiveness at MICRO (and more broadly computer architecture conferences). Please feel free to provide your input. We are at the stage of input and idea collection, and the more ideas and participation we get, the better.

All questions are optional, but the more information you give, the better you can participate and the better we can aggregate results. Please, of course, be as precise as possible. Please forward this survey to any potential participant.

The survey is name-optional, but if you would like to disclose your name, you can do so in the answer to the very last question.
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