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Please fill out the form below for booking a facility at WVMA. A board member will reach out to you after you submit your request for next steps. Please ensure this form is filled out at least one week prior to your event date.
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What is being offered? By whom? Is there a cost? Will you collect payments or should WVMA? Is there an Age Range?
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Note: There is an additional $100 charge if food is served
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Last day - maximum of 1 year in future. If event is just 1 day, end date is the same as start date.
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If email or Jumma announcement is required, please write a Title & Blurb below. Without a proper blurb, no email / announcement will be made.
Liability Waiver
All reservations are tentative pending approval from WVMA BoD. Reservations are considered confirmed only once BoD approval has been received and the payment has cleared. WVMA discourages advertisement of proposed events until then. Please contact the WVMA, facility manager - Br. Ashfaque for further information.

By signing this application:
- I certify that I have read and understand the attached “Guidelines for Facility Rental” document and will abide by all the conditions set forth therein. I agree to leave the facility in the same condition as found before use.
- I am responsible for payment of any damages to the rental space and all rented equipment during usage otherwise the Deposit fee will not be fully reimbursed.
- I agree to hold free and harmless the West Valley Muslim Association (WVMA), its management, its employees, agents and any other service institutions or entities of the WVMA from any loss, accidents, illness, injuries, damages, liability or expenses that may arise during or after the event or be caused in any way by such occupancy of this facility.
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