Schaefer Life Assessment
When we take the time to reflect on our lives, we gain insights that lead us to new horizons so that we can achieve the happiness, success, and wellbeing we deserve. By taking this Schaefer Life Assessment, you’ll gain those insights.

Choose only one answer below for each section. If none of the answers are applicable, choose 0.
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Family & Friends *
Fitness *
Health *
Living Conditions *
Alcohol Consumption *
Life Control *
Balance *
Life Plan *
Social Life *
Hobbies *
Career *
Finances *
Future Outlook *
Productivity *
Focus *
Romantic Relationship *
Passion *
Relationship With Coworkers (If you don't have coworkers, select 0) *
Employees (If you don't have employees, select 0) *
Superiors (If you don't have superiors, select 0) *
Happiness *
Spirituality *
Life Changes *
Listening *
Current Problems *
Calculating Your Results
Now that you've taken the assessment, follow these steps to calculate your results:

1) To make calculating your results easier, print out your assessment first.

2) Add the total points together to get your score:

51-75 = Time for a New Horizon
26-50 = Room for Improvement
25 & Below = You're Already Soaring High!

3) If you would like to receive a more in depth analysis of your results, please contact me at and I will be in touch!
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