Call for Presenters - RxJSLive Vegas 2019
We're very excited that you're here! We aim to welcome all ideas and speakers.

RxJS Live is going to be a first-of-a-kind event. Spending two days completely focused entirely reactive programming in JavaScript should be unforgettable.

You are invited to submit all of your best ideas to this Call for Presenters process. Please submit this form once for each of the ideas that you would like to speak on. Where you may submit more than one talk, we will only pick a maximum of one talk per speaker.

Despite being a first-year conference, we are please to be able to provide the following benefits to each of our speakers.

- Complimentary conference ticket
- Airfare
- Accommodations W-Th at The Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
- Attendee swag

There aren't many available slots for speakers. We're looking for 6-8 of the greatest talk ideas that you can come up with. Talks should be 30 minutes in length. So we are asking you to thoughtfully prepare your best ideas for this CFP. If you have any questions around the CFP or Talk Selection process, please reach out to Aaron Frost:

RxJS Live has a Code of Conduct. All of the organizers, speakers, attendees, sponsors, and vendors at the event will be expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. Speakers are part of the face of the conference and are expected to be exemplary participants. We ask that you consider this as you prepare to submit your talks and become a speaker at the conference.

All of the information that you provide here will be treated as confidential. None of your information will be given to our partners and/or sponsors.

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This is the name that we will use to book your travel and hotel.
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Next to your name and headshot, we will place a professional bio. Please provide a 1 or 2 paragraph bio about yourself, written in the third person. Feel free to refer to yourself by your name, your preferred pronouns, or your preferred nickname. Some people feel odd writing in third-person, but we ask that you help us with this here.
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Please provide us with a link to a picture of you that we can place on the website in the event that your talk is selected.
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We like to interact with the speakers on social media, and specifically on twitter. Please provide us with your twitter account.
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What is your title at your current job? Your answer here will not be used in any way at all to select talks. This info will only be used to identify you on the website and on your conference badge as a speaker.
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When you fly to the conference, what city/country are you flying from?
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All talks at the conference will be 30 minutes long. We want to know what level of talk you propose to give.
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This is the title that will be displayed on the website next to your avatar. When you submit a talk to a conference, having a good Talk Title is one of the most important things to focus on. Please provide us with the best version of a talk title that you have thought of.
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Talk Description *
This is the description that we will place on the website next to your talk title and your avatar. Please provide a 2-3 paragraph description of your talk idea. As a conference organizing team, we are trying to put on a very educational and informative show. Your description is how you tell the attendees and potential attendees and their bosses what they can expect to learn and experience at the event. Thus, your talk description is very important. We ask that you spend time wording your talk description in a way that most positively markets the ideas you wish to share with the community.
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Additional Information
Often there are details that you would like to tell the conference organizers about your talk, but they don't belong in the talk description as you don't want to have them displayed on the website. This section is where you should provide those additional details. If you have already include that kind of detail in your talk description, please remove it and add it here.
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Have you presented this before? *
Have you presented this talk anywhere else before?
Representation *
Are you from a group that is often under-represented at tech conferences or in the tech community at large?
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Submit your slides ahead of time *
In order to help everyone feel welcome at the event, we want to review all of the content that will be on the screen at the event. We need to have you complete your slides one week prior to the event so that we can look at them and ensure that there's nothing unwelcoming in them. Are you willing to comply with this?
Non-traditional Travel Requirements *
If you have any non-traditional travel requirements that need to be shared with us, please provide those details here.
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