Senior Front End Developer (React, Redux)
We’re looking for a full-time front end developer to help create a brand new product from the MeetEdgar team. When we boot-strapped Edgar in mid-2014 it quickly became profitable and now has 1000s of happy, beautiful, paying customers. We want your help to do it all over again.

It’s a greenfield project (yay!), so you’ll be instrumental in making the technical decisions of how it all comes together, working in a pure React/Redux environment.

You’ll be joining a small team of talented developers, and working alongside dedicated UX designers, QA and Customer Experience pros.

Our stack is a React/Redux front end, consuming an Elixir/Phoenix back end hosted on Google Cloud. It’s great stack to work with everyday, and we take our time to write solid code and proper tests to make sure it stays that way.

Dev Process
We do a fair amount of pair programming and a lot of code reviews, we love solid tests and continuous integration, and we deploy several times a week. Basically? We’ve worked hard to create our version of an ideal developer environment - low overheads, minimal interruptions.

You’ll have final responsibility for the solutions you build, from discussing feasibility with the designer all the way through to deployment, so your teammates know exactly who to shower with praise when you ship to production.

About Us
We’re a small team of about 30 people, all working remotely across the US & Canada. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and super-futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual meetup week where we work together on cool projects all day and generally make fools of ourselves all night. We’re proudly bootstrapped and profitable, which means we get to turn down VC money a lot and keep doing things the way we like. We’re pretty serious about building and maintaining an awesome, positive company culture, so, you know, no jerks.

We'll probably get along if you’re someone who wants to be creative, have a pretty-serious-but-not-inhuman amount of responsibility, and work with people who make going to work not suck. (And be one of those people yourself. We like those people.)

We know we’re ridiculously lucky to have this crack squad of ambitious, kind, independent little nerds, and we want to keep that going by bringing in even more people who love geeking out about what they do and doing work they’ll be super proud of. (And on that note, we’re an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.)

You can find out more at and by watching this video (we paid a lot for this thing):

- Senior level developer w/ at least 3 years experience
- You’ve got real professional experience with React + Redux, and ES6 is a big plus
- You know how to consume a REST API
- Experience creating single page applications
- Startup or "greenfield" experience is a big plus
- Live anywhere in the USA or Canada (must be able to provide documentation of eligibility to work in the USA)
- You love JS and React
- You know how to communicate effectively and work as part of a team trying to build something great
- Passionate about improving the dev process and recognize the value of an awesome company culture
- Not a jerk
Perks & Benefits
- Work from home (or wherever there’s strong wifi)
- 4 weeks paid vacation (Shazam! And yes, everyone actually uses all 4 weeks)
- Monthly cleaning service for your home - not that we don't have total faith in you
- Paid home Internet service
- Coworking space/coffee shop working expenses
- Health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your fam
- 401(k) plan with employer match
- An extra paid day off per quarter so you can volunteer in your community (awww)
- New Mac laptop (#blessed)
- Books, conferences, and other educational resources to help you be even more amazing at what you do!
- TSA pre-check to make getting to retreats and conferences a breeze (optional)

Check ‘em out in even more detail here (you know you’re curious):

Want to know more about our company culture? We've got a video for that, too:

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