58th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Visitor Survey
Thank you for visiting the 58th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair! We will use your feedback to keep improving the Fair and our visitor's enjoyment of it!
Was this your first time visiting Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF)? *
Did you know before attending that this was our 58th year? *
How did you hear about this year's Toronto Outdoor Art Fair *
Are you from Toronto? *
Do you have a preferred type of art to see at Toronto Outdoor Art Fair? Select all that apply. *
Are you enjoying the quality of the work you are seeing this year? *
Did you find it easy to navigate the layout and find who you were looking for? *
Did you purchase an original artwork this year? *
How much did you spend? Or, if you didn't buy, what is the price range you have in mind for a single piece of art? *
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