End Wage Theft at the University of Sydney
The USyd Casuals Network and the NTEU have released an interim report on wage theft at the University of Sydney, which has provided unprecedented evidence of the levels of wage theft associated with casual work.

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Casualisation at the University of Sydney is high and rising every year. This year, a record 75 percent of University staff are working on casual or fixed-term contracts. Despite management’s agreement to "seek to reduce its use of casual and sessional employment" during the life of our current Enterprise Agreement, casual contracts have risen significantly from 48 to 52 per cent in just the last three years. This is a serious issue, not only because it allows the University to rapidly lay off casual staff, but also in that it relies on systemic underpayment, as the interim report shows.

The report demonstrates that:

- 84% of participants did unpaid work in the first six weeks of semester;
- On average, for every dollar participants were paid, they were not paid 75 cents;
- Participants were underpaid on average $2521 per person, with the highest amount of underpayment totalling $11,469 for one individual;
- On average, women had 2.5 times the amount of underpayment as men;
- Participants spent six times more hours than they were paid for performing administrative tasks.

This is completely unacceptable. Casualised staff cannot continue to do unpaid work. We are therefore calling for immediate changes to casual employment, to help ensure better working conditions for staff and better learning conditions for students.

In support of the reports’ demands, we therefore demand that University of Sydney management:

- Pay back all unpaid wages:

The University must immediately move to pay back all unpaid wages to all affected casualised staff, under the guidance of NTEU members in the Casuals Network and the NTEU to determine the appropriate amount of compensation to be paid.

- Adapt casuals’ schedules of payment to end wage theft under the existing EA.

The University must immediately alter casuals’ schedules of payment to ensure that for the remainder of the life of the existing EA, casualised staff are not underpaid. To do this, the University must consult with NTEU members in the Casuals Network and the NTEU to determine how schedules of payment are to be altered (e.g. by increasing administration hours and increasing hours paid for marking, tutorial and lecture preparation).

- Conduct a full-scale audit of all casuals’ working practices at the University.

The University must immediately extend its existing audit, under the guidance of NTEU members in the Casuals Network and the NTEU, to determine the true scope of underpayment at the University amongst casualised staff.
Commit to ending wage theft in the next EA: the University must commit to enshrining appropriate rates of pay for casualised staff in the next EA so that wage theft is impossible.

- Commit to reducing casualisation.

The University must immediately commit to reducing its current dependency on a casualised workforce and provide greater employment and income security to casual staff and facilitate the conversion of all eligible staff to permanent work.

As members of the Casuals Network and the NTEU, or their supporters, we:

- Commit to building our collective capacity across the University to have our demands met, including through workplace meetings, political campaigning, and future industrial action.


University of Sydney Staff:

Simon Wyatt-Spratt
Lawrence Ashford
Pamela O'Neill
John Liu
Miro Sandev
Dr Toby Fitch
Meera Atkinson
Thomas Kerwick
Thomas Jurkiewicz
Lucinda Nicolls Small
Micaela Pattison
Robert Boncardo
Sonia Mattson
Sophia Davidson Gluyas
Lisa Vaccaro
Daniel Gomez
Victoria Souliman
Yaegan Doran
Antonella Beconi
Marcus Miller
Phillip Poulton
Nicholas Scott
Mark Baldry
Karen Ginn
Emilie Kolb
Paul Esber
Marcus Miller
Phillip Poulton
Georgia Carr
Sujatha Fernandes
Nanda Jarosz
Kurt Iveson
Tatjana Seizova-Cajic
S. Jade Barclay
Julian Wood
Dani Cotton
Aurelie Mallet
Bronwyn Winter
Michael Beggs
Natalie Maystorovich Chulio
Nick Riemer
Ella Collins-White
Nicholas Avery
Demelza Marlin
Jennifer Way
Shima Shahbazi
Fiona Robards
Joel Griggs
Briony Neilson
Jennifer Chan
Tom Williams
Aleksandr Wansbrough
Claire Parfitt
Margaret Van Heekeren
Mila Heneck
Daniela Villegas
Justine Gleeson
Madeleine Borthwick
Jonathan Dunk
Kayla Maloney
Matthew Toll
Jennifer Huch-Hoogvliet
Caitlin McMenamin
Robert Sternhell
Juan Chen
Kate C
Nathanael Pree
James Hall
Luke Alexander
Greg Murrie
Rory Torrens
Marrit Janabi
Jacob Mackay
Natalie Maystorovich Chulio
Karl Maton
Tessa Lunney
Jess Topfer
James Findlay
Susan Park
Elizabeth Pender
Margaret Sankey
Madeleine Kelly
Lila San Roque
Liz Connor
Dr. Alex Page
Andrew Robards
Joanna Robinson
Dr William J Kennedy
Katrina Kemp
Natasha Beaumont
Fleur Anson
Elizabeth Rechniewski
Megan Le Masurier
Christopher Hartney
Mark Byron
Vindhya Hettige
Hans Zoellner
Julia Wild
Linda Connor
Jen Harrison
William Donald Phillips
Leah Arthur
Rachael Holt
Catherine Sutton-Brady
Demelza Marlin
Madeleine Hardy
Lauren Dickson
Beth Yahp

Sydney University students:

Izabella Nantsou
Hannah Gillard
Vivienne Guo
Jordi Pardoel
Tanya Hardy
Stuart Rich
Stephen Lake
Francesca Branagan
Ethan Mehta
Ellie Stephenson
Maria Wang
Dyana Satya Moitinho Freitas
Jazzlyn Breen
sean maroney
Raul Haagensen
Aman Kapoor
Alev Saracoglu
LynFay Shapiro
Heather Kern
Leyla Meharg
Margot Beavon-Collin
Thomas Cafe
Finola laughren
Kevin De Jesus
Madeline Niemann
Lena wang
Henry Hulme
Lily Patchett
Byron Comninos
Amelia Mertha
Mitchell Stirzaker
Annabel Pettit
Ella Haber
Penny Cummins
Nicola Bodill
Chris Cheng
Jamie Chau
Huei Ling Chen
Isabella Mrljak
Georgia Munro-Cook
Madeleine Clark
Anna Dunn
James Gardiner
Aleescha Croxon
Liang Zhao
Vinea Pho
Leigh Morgan
Jenny Yu
Annaliese McGuirk
Victoria G
Trinity Kim
Charlie Walsh
Ishbel Dunsmore
Emily Bakker
Tim Wong
Steven Tran
Abigail Zhu
Eilish murphy
Thomas Lawes
Vivian Chang
Jacob Coorey


Rhianna Keen
Kyle Pattison
Ben Nunquam
Celso Paiva
Ellyse Fenton
Giles Fielke
Ruby Pandolfi
Laura Kern
Markela Panegyres
Gemma Stubbs
Melissa Sukkarieh
Megan Hasted
Kayleen Manwaring
Eleanor Barz
Anna Denejkina
Alyssa Meli
Richard Cleminson
Rory Green
Izumi Tam
Jaqui Fitch
Rosie Ryan
Alex Marsh
Kynan Tan
Tegan Schetrumpf
Campbell Thomson
Annie Wu
Elena Ortega
Mardi O’Connor
Lauren jarrett
Dr Francis Russell
Jason Gray
Dr Madison Magladry
Dr Eva Bujalka
Pablo Leighton
Jennifer Patrick
Ruth Mules
Annette Herrera
Dr Joe McCarthy
Brianna Bullivant
Ben Speechly
Dr Jessica Cadwallader
Louise O’Brien
Emma Cooper
Alexis Vassiley
Matthew Allen
Kai Tanter
Burzin Mehta
Audrey Pfister
Eleanor Zurowski
Mia McGee
Dr Brooke Nolan
Lisa Collyer
Josephine Scicluna
Michael Graham
Dr. Jay Daniel Thompson
Andrew Whelan
Dan Koop
Lora Adzic
Elinor Burnard
Lachlan Pattison
Elizabeth Nicolls
Lennita Oliveira Ruggi
Frances Muecke
Saeed Aligholi
Sajjad Asadi
Chris Edwards
Felipe Basquiroto de Souza
Maryanne Jothy
Stephen Dick
Keegan Nelson
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