2021-2022 Buckeye Career Center Adult Education Application for Full-Time Program Admission
$50 non-refundable Application Fee Required.
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Student Certification (Please read and initial each line)
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I understand that all tuition & fees are due at the beginning of the program. If I am receiving financial aid, funds will come directly to the school to be applied to my account. Credit balances will result in a refund. If I am utilizing a payment plan, I will make the payments as arranged in the Enrollment Agreement. *
I agree to follow all Buckeye Career Center policies and procedures as stated in the student handbook. *
I understand that I must maintain satisfactory progress in my chosen training program (minimum 90% cumulative attendance and 2.0 grade point average- might be superseded by individual program requirements). *
I understand that should I withdraw (or be dismissed from) a training program, I will be responsible for all tuition & fees based on Buckeye Career Center's refund policy. (Policy located in student handbook) *
I understand that failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress will result in probation or dismissal from my training program and loss of financial aid. Anytime financial aid is lost, it might increase the amount I must pay. *
I realize Buckeye Career Center is required to share my educational progress information with any agency which may be providing financial assistance. I authorize the sharing of my educational progress information. *
I authorize Buckeye Career Center to share my educational progress information with prospective employers. *
I will share any sources of financial aid with the Financial Aid Administrator within 10 days of notification. *
I do hereby attest that the information provided above are true statements and realize that any false information is grounds for immediate dismissal. Print name and date. *
Buckeye Career Center conforms to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations including Title IX and nondiscrimination against any student because of race, color, creed, sex, religion, citizenship, economic status, marital status, pregnancy, handicap disability, age, or national origin. This policy of nondiscrimination shall also apply to otherwise qualified handicapped individuals.
Financial Aid
Leave blank if not applying for financial aid. Buckeye Career Center only processes Pell grants and does not process federal loans (Stafford loans, Direct loans, Parent Plus loans, etc).
Have you completed your FAFSA (https://studentaid.gov/)? Buckeye Career Center School Code: 030659. *
Do you need help completing the FAFSA?
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