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The Student Mental Health Pros (SMHP) is a club started off in summer of 2020 on University of Calgary campus connecting students with mental illnesses and amplifying their voices. To learn all about our goals and main types of initiatives, visit!

This year, SMHP is expanding nationally after hosting a conference on mental illnesses students across Canada are welcome to join (Our Real Talks conference, July 5th-8th, That is, we will be looking to establish branches of the SMHP club at other universities in Canada. Registering as a member of our national organization means getting updates when initiatives at the national level are occurring, receiving notifications when applications to be part of the teams to start off and run our new branches will be open as well as when positions at the national level are open for applications. To sign up, simply fill out this quick form!

By the end of summer, we aim to select the presidents and VP Marketings of our new branches. With this form, we also gauge interest in setting up SMHP branches at particular institutions, this will help us decide where to create our first additional branches.

Anyone is welcome to join us to connect with and learn more about mental illnesses from people with lived experiences!

Thank you for your interest in joining our club, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and suggestions at! You can also DM us through our Instagram account @smhpcanada, @smhpucalgary for our U of Calgary branch! On our contact page you can leave any feedback: .
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Which position(s) are you interested for the potential SMHP executive team on your campus? The other VP positions that should be available are VP Engagement (social activities), VP Internal (newsletters), VP Marketing (social media accounts), VP Operations & Finance (budget and bank account) and VP Outreach (awareness activities).
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