Fluxcourse Letter of Recommendation - 2023
Please fill out this form in support of your mentees/advisees who are applying the the 2023 Fluxcourse.
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Who is this letter supporting (e.g. your advisee/mentee's name)? 
Please comment on the suitability of this applicant for the course. 
Please comment on the likely benefits to the applicant. 
Please comment on the extent to which the applicant interacts with AmeriFlux, FLUXNET, NEON, or other regional flux tower networks (for example, by generating data that is or could be shared with these networks, or by synthesizing data provided by these networks). 
The course fees are $2,850 (which covers attendance, lodging, and meals). In addition, participants will need  support to travel to the Boulder area. Please comment on your ability to provide financial support for the applicant for fees and travel costs. 
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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