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We're back for round two! This is a space to let us know if you're interested, what your preferences are, what your contributions might be - and share your ideas for what the camp should contain this year.
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Enrol Camp this year will be September 20th - 22nd.
Would you like to invite a friend or loved one? *
We thought it would be ace to open Enrol Camp up a bit this year and invite you to bring a friend, partner or other human - if you'd like to. There's no pressure to do this, just you is totally fine! But we had someone's partner come along last year and it was a great addition. So let us know if this is something you'd be interested in so we can estimate numbers.
Is there an activity, workshop, session (or two!) you'd be keen to host?
If yes, please share some details. This could be anything. It might be a workshop you've run before or an idea you've had that you'd like to test with a friendly group. It could be something you've seen elsewhere that you'd like to replicate. It could be creative, reflective, nature based, a discussion group, a meditation, a movement activity, a game, a film screening... If you'd like to do something but don't know what yet just say 'yes' and give us a hint.
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What other contributions could you make to the camp?
E.g. would you be up for cooking a meal? Do you have a guitar or other instrument you can bring? Would you like to make a great playlist? Would you like to take photos or make a film?
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What price bracket would you be able to afford? *
Enrol Camp is being run at cost, not for profit. Your contribution covers some of our time to make this happen, as well as your food, drink and all materials.
What accommodation would you need? *
We have space for unlimited camping. We also have up to 12 beds available indoors. Let us know what would work for you.
Tell us more about your accommodation needs and preferences
This will help us make a plan that suits us all.
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Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Do you have any requests e.g. 'it would be great to have a bbq' or 'could we afford to hire a trampoline?' - is there something we've missed?
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