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Trees That Feed Foundation. Planting fruit trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment.  
TREE REQUEST FORM. We offer breadfruit, mango, ackee, avocado, jackfruit, soursop and some other varieties. We encourage breadfruit for its nutrition and calories. You can collect donated trees for free, courtesy of Trees That Feed Foundation. We cannot provide citrus, coconut or exotic varieties. 

Remember, to survive trees need a lot of care while they are young! The most important thing is WATER. Also you must protect from roaming animals (goats, cows). Many trees are lost to neglect. Don't ask for more than you can handle!

We ask for this information to get the most success for the trees. Full and complete answers speed up the process.  Please don't submit multiple or duplicate requests. We will reply as soon as we can, usually within 10 days.  

Thanks for your interest in planting fruit trees! 
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