SJYLL Age - Grade Waiver
Use this form to submit a request for any player to play outside of their age appropriate bracket.

Your submission will be reviewed at the following SJYLL Board Meeting by a panel consisting of the current SJYLL Board Members and 3 volunteers that have 3 or more years of experience coaching Lacrosse.

For Example: A player has a birthdate of August 15th, 2009. This player is age appropriate for 12U (5/6th graders) but is in 4th grade. She is eligible to submit an Age-Grade Waiver Request to play with 10U (3/4th graders).

If this player was born between these date ranges you are eligible to submit this waiver and be considered.
March 1st 2011 - August 31st 2011
March 1st 2009 - August 31st 2009
March 1st 2007 - August 31st 2007

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Please type your first and last name as your electronic signature. "I have reviewed my answers. They are accurate and true. If any information I submit is found to be inaccurate after submission I understand that this player could face expulsion from the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League for the 2020 Spring Season."
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