Covid-19 and Education
We understand that for families with children and young people with SEND this period of home-schooling has proved to be very difficult and that good support and communication from your child’s school will be vital to many.
Some families have told us they are experiencing a lack of communication and support from schools and, as your Parent Carer Forum, it's important that we ensure your voice is heard by raising these issues with Peterborough City Council on your behalf, so that they can identify the schools that need further guidance on how to support their SEND pupil population. Similarly, if your school has been amazing, we need to highlight that too!
Please share your experience with us by completing the following questions.:

By providing consent, you are agreeing that personal information about you will be collected anonymously, stored securely, and will not identify anyone personally. The anonymised data will be used and shared with relevant organizations for the purpose of improving SEND provision with Peterborough and the UK. *
What type of provision does your child attend?
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What type of support does your child/young person receive?
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Has your child been offered a place at a school?
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If your child has an EHCP, have they had a risk assessment done to determine whether they should be at home or in school?
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If yes, were you involved in the completion of the risk assessment?
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Is your school making regular welfare calls to you, to check on the well-being of your child and the rest of the family?
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If your child has an EHCP have you received a letter and survey from Peterborough City Council regarding changes to provision at this time?
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If yes, have you completed and returned the survey?
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If no, why not?
What is the name of the school? It would be really helpful to have the name of the school. If they are supporting families well, then this can be highlighted to the LA. If they are not, then we can alert the LA so that the school can receive more guidance from them on how to support their SEND pupil population. If you would prefer not to provide please state N/A
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