Petition for 100% Renewable Electricity at Loyola
---Number of Signatures (as of 9:30 pm on April 18, 2018): 627---

We, the Loyola University Chicago community, ask that Loyola purchase 100% of its electricity from renewable sources (i.e. solar and wind) by the end of the 2019 Fiscal Year.

Climate change effects each and every inhabitant of earth and imperils the future of our common home. Carbon emissions from the energy sector are the main driver behind this global crisis. "The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all" (Pope Francis). As such, we have a responsibility to care for the climate, and contribute to solutions to climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.

Transitioning to 100% renewable energy would fulfill a portion of Loyola University's commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025 in its Climate Action Plan. The plan defines actions to achieve carbon neutrality through mitigation by increasing efficiency; piloting on-site renewable energy, such as solar panels; and purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets. Read more about the Climate Action Plan:

This petition will be delivered to:
The Student Government of Loyola Chicago
University Senate
The Office of the President of Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD

This petition is brought to you by the Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) in partnership with the Student Environmental Alliance (SEA). For more information contact the Chief Sustainability Officer of SGLC, Judy Malas at or

See our FAQ page for more information:

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