Constellation General RV & Car Camping Pass Requests
Please Note: FILLING OUT THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE APPROVED for a Car Camping or RV Pass. Approval depends on space available.

If you wish to have your RV at the event, but do not need hook ups, and are not part of a Theme Camp - you can still apply for a General RV pass with this same application. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis until the number of available General RV and Car Passes have been approved. The total number of passes available will be determined by City Planning in the next couple weeks based on theme camp and other city planning space requests

Once approved, you will receive either your approved General RV pass or Car Pass or a special link to purchase a General RV pass. You should receive approved pass or link by September 8, 2018. NO RV PASSES WILL BE AVAILABLE OR SOLD AT THE GATE.

Please note: All decisions regarding approval or placement by City Planning are final.

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