Trikone Chicago Board Member Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Executive Board of Trikone Chicago! We are
excited that you want to support the LGBTQ South Asian community in Chicago.
Please complete the form below. After we receive your application, we will contact you
regarding the next steps in the process.
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Applicants are asked to volunteer for at least three events over the course of three months, at least one event of which should be of a different type from the other two. This is because board members are expected to participate regularly in events of various kinds, as well as be knowledgeable about Trikone Chicago's activities outside their particular areas of interest. Please list the three events you volunteered at, with the month and your contribution. *
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Why do you want to be on the board of Trikone Chicago? *
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What prior experience do you have that is relevant to Trikone Chicago's activities? What skills and abilities would you like to share with the organization? *
Please feel free to include professional, volunteer, artistic, academic, and other life experiences.
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What is your vision for Trikone Chicago over the next 2 years? *
What would you like to see the organization do and become in 2 years? This will not be taken as a commitment, and it won't be all on you! We just want to learn about your ideals and objectives.
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Trikone Chicago board members must agree to support the vision and mission of the organization, as well as the spirit of its 2016 Statement of Inclusivity. Will you agree to this? *
As a small community organization, we anticipate differences of opinion within the board, including conflicts, and we value discussion and debate. Please tell us your strengths with respect to conflict resolution, as well as aspects of it you find challenging, and areas you will need support in. *
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If your application is accepted, what date can you start serving on the board? *
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