Education & Public Engagement Subcommittee Feedback Form
Welcome to Meet and Greet with the UEC Education and Public Engagement! Our sub-committee supports Fermilab’s educational and outreach programs, including internships and other Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion programs. Please share your thoughts and feedback below!
Are you interested in participating in a public engagement/outreach program?
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How do you usually hear about Fermilab public engagement and outreach programs?
If your answer to the previous question was 'email', to which listservs do you subscribe?
Is there enough information given to you on the public engagement/outreach programs and internships you would be interested in?
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Do you have a recommendations for how we can better relay to you the available public engagement programs?
If you already participate in public engagement programs, please name them.
Is there a particular outreach program in which you would like to participate, but haven't yet become involved?
Please provide any other comments, questions, or suggestions here. For example, these could be geared towards the UEC EPE subcommittee and its efforts or about your thoughts on the Fermilab EPE and EDI programs in general.
Please submit your email here if you would like us to follow up with you about anything.
Please enter your name and email here if you would like to be entered into the raffle. (You can also be entered by talking to us on zoom, so if you would prefer to submit your feedback anonymously, you are most welcome to do so!)
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