Become an Agile Practitioner (IAP)
Indonesian Agile practitioner is a mark of your deep experience in Agile. As you 'do Agile' and 'grow an Agile mindset', you gain points that lead to certification. This form enables you to submit proof of your Agile Practitioner experience. You must collect a minimum of 80 points in total.

You can submit points in the following categories:

1. Community contribution: meetups, conferences, webinars, training (max 25 points)
2. Sharing knowledge: publishing content (articles, videos, social media posts) about Agile (max 25 points)
3. Impact on an agile organization: having an agile role with demonstrated impact (max 25 points)
4. Widening your agile knowledge: getting training to advance yourself (max 25 points)

To get your certification, you also need an ISM1 or ISPO1 certification.
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