Wanna Play A Game?
I've picked up a lot of RPGs in the last few days. I'd like to start an actual play podcast where me and some friends get together on Roll20 and play a mini campaign of each of these games. If you're not interested in being part of a podcast, that's fine -- I'm going to create a second list for "peeps who want to hang out at my place and play this game".

I'm doing this list for two reasons: to see who's interested, and to see what games people are most interested in.

If you've never played a tabletop roleplaying game before, don't worry! It'll be my job as the GM to get everybody up to speed on the mechanics and whatnot.

Never heard of a game, or just want a bit more information? Check out my blog post about this whole thing: https://seanhagen.ca/2018/01/wanna-play-a-game/

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