UUJAZ "Justice in Pandemic" Survey
At UUJAZ, we are looking to get an idea of our participation numbers in some of the recent asks from congregations, partner organizations, and UUJAZ emails. We've also been asked by Love Resists, UU the Vote, and UU World magazine to share stories of UUs organizing for justice in Arizona during Covid-19, and we'd like to reach out for you to share those stories, and perhaps inspire other UUs! Please take our survey by June 13th. If you haven't had a chance to participate in any of these actions, links are provided for you to participate now if you'd like... and then check them off the list!
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Are you willing to be quoted in a story about AZ UUs organizing for justice during the pandemic? Tell us a little about your participation in the actions above? How do they relate to your values as a UU?
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