TGGc Membership Application
Thank you for applying for membership of The Green Gathering charity (1156593).

The Green Gathering charity commissions the annual GREEN GATHERING event, which is delivered by the charity's trading arm Optimistic Trout Productions.

The Green Gathering's strategic objectives are to advance education for sustainability by promoting global ecological understanding, local biodiversity, appropriate technology, the arts, alternative media and human rights and equality with an emphasis on providing an environment of growth and learning for young people.

TGGc Members offer input and direction to the trustees (and thereby the activities and events commissioned by the charity) in line with Charity Commission guidance.

TGGc Members are not eligible to vote in decision-making meetings, but their feedback is considered invaluable in steering the charity and its projects.

TGGc Board of Trustees 2020
Micky Murphy, Steve Muggs, Sara Mai (Secretary), Buffy Boroughs (Youth Advocate)
The Trustees hold regular conference calls. Twice a year there are Face to Face meetings, the minutes of which are public record.
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