2019-2020 Chapter Leaders Application
Are you interested in becoming a leader in your community? We are currently seeking motivated high school and college students to start a chapter in their town/school from across the globe! This will entail starting a club in your community, raising funds for those in need of medical aid, and also raising awareness through multiple means. More info will come after you are accepted! Due July 8th, 2019!
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Where are you located? (This won't effect your acceptance, we just want to know!)
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What is the name of the other leaders in your chapter? (if you have at the moment)
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What grade are you in?
What makes you qualified to be a chapter leader for The NAINA Foundation? What previous experience do you have?
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What goals/ideas do you have for the new chapter? How will you fundraise and raise awareness for diabetes and medical attention in developing countries?
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