SEAT Executive Board Member Application
If you would like to join Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee's Executive Board, then please fill out this application. We want to ensure that we have the best and most diverse Executive Board we can! The Executive Board meets once a week, and members are expected to complete various tasks throughout the week.

The results of this application are available only to the SEAT Executive Board and will be kept confidential.

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Gender Identity *
SEAT welcomes people of all genders. If you do not feel comfortable or safe sharing your gender online, you can say "prefer not to answer."
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We want to make sure we address you by the right pronouns.
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Why do you feel like SEAT and Sex Week are important to The University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus? *
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What qualities and skills can you offer SEAT? *
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Please list and explain an issue you find important to be addressed during Sex Week. Why is it important? *
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Please explain what type of event you would organize for the above topic. Imagine you are the event coordinator, and your goal is to educate students in an innovative and entertaining manner about your topic of choice. *
Where would you host the event? Would it be a panel, lecture, seminar, poetry slam, etc? Who would run the event? How would you advertise the event?
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Are you currently involved in other areas of campus? If so, where, or with what? *
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What is your availability like during the week?
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