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Thanks for signing up to Feedback's urban harvesting project. This Summer and Autumn, we will be harvesting fruit from private gardens in the London Borough of Hackney to redistribute the fruit to Hackney based food projects, charities and schools. Please note, harvesting days are likely to take place on both weekdays and weekends.
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This is so we can contact you on the day if you are late/lost etc. We will not spam this number.
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This is so we can try to match you to the harvesting day nearest to you.
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Feedback is proud that our volunteering opportunities appeal to people of all ages. This is so we know we're staying on track.
Would you be interested in helping advertise the project by putting up flyers or door knocking in specific areas in Hackney? *
We would like to put up posters in local businesses and deliver flyers to houses to appeal for fruit tree owners in Hackney and Haringey to donate their fruit. This role is flexible and can be done in your own time. We can send you some advertising materials and everything you will need via email.
Are you a student at, or affiliated with, a university or sixth form college? *
We would love to work directly with university and college groups and societies - please email Ren at londonharvest@feedbackglobal.org if you would like to get arrange for a group to come harvesting
We may occasionally need to hire a van to collect fruit and deliver to our drop off points. Let us know if you may be willing to drive
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