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Dear Dignity Defender,

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Summer Camp facilitator this year. We are so thrilled to have proactive leaders like you in the WYA family!

As you fill out the form below, we hope you would keep in mind (and in heart) the value that we place in training and educating young people about our mission in WYA. The camp is among our premier projects that provide the youth with an opportunity to receive extensive training in order to become better communicators, leaders, followers, and defenders of dignity. Through holistic education and a positive, peaceful environment, we hope to build a culture that promotes the human person, the family, and holistic development. We believe we can build that culture together even by simply living out these ideas in daily life.

The person is our earth's most valuable resource. With your help, we can form individuals who will believe in their capacity for excellence, who will inspire and empower others, and who will significantly help build a safer and more peaceful world for us and future generations.

Thank you for being with us!

Miko and Joyce
Your WYAAP Directors
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