Mentee Questionnaire
Mentees will meet with assigned mentors for the 2018 WIW Mentorship Program.
Please complete your contact information below and answer the following questions to complete your application for consideration.
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Are you current on your dues for Wireless Technology Forum affirming your membership for Women in Wireless (WIW)?
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Total Years of Working Experience
1. Briefly describe your major responsibilities.
2. What gives you the greatest sense of job satisfaction?
3. What do you regard as your major strengths?
4. What areas would you like to focus on for improvement?
5. Describe the area of responsibility that you find most frustrating.
6. What helps you most in your work?
7. What hinders you from achieving your goals?
8. Are you happy in your present job? Why? or Why Not?
9. Do you have any accreditations, degrees or certifications? If so, what?
10. Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?
11. What would you like out of a mentor?
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