Just Around The Corner Market Shop Application
Est. October 1, 2020
      Welcome to @JustAroundTheCornerMarket! We'd love have you join our Small Business Community. Please fill out the information below. If your application is accepted, we will contact you soon as possible. 
     We offer a $10 month long promotion featuring shops for the entire month, unlimited going Live opportunities, Giveaways and much more. We look forward to working with you!

- Courtney Turner & Veronica Schwarze 

     *Please note that we try to include as wide a variety of shops in the Marketplace as possible, so we can not guarantee that your shop will be chosen to be featured at a certain date/time. 
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Phone Number: some times Instagram has connection problems and we need to reach you. (For example, when you are set to go LIVE but we are unable to connect with you. ) *
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What does your shop offer/sell? (We cannot promote shops that sell products that are under copyright laws unless they have proof of legal consent.) *
What kind of shop do you own? *
Since this is an online promotion account that allows shops to sell their products, we ask that you please have a public Instagram account that visitors can see and contact you to make purchases. You will need to have the ability to answer customers and finalize sales online. *
The Participation Fee:  We offer a month long promotion with Shops being posted throughout the entire month. You will receive a Meet the Maker video post highlighting your shop, story features, the option to submit a video of introduction, the option to participate in unlimited live sale events throughout the month, a feature post throughout the entire month where you will have the opportunity to sell your items on the market page and much more. It is a $10 fee that goes towards the Giveaways, other necessary programs and time required to run the market. Non-refundable. *
The goal of this market page is to help each other expand your social media audience and hopefully lead to increased activity on your personal pages. We can not guarantee sales.  We will be posting your pictures so therefore the following must be said: By participating in the Just Around The Corner Market, you grant permission for Just Around The Corner Market to post your pictures and videos on your behalf during the duration of the market month you are participating in. Just Around The Corner Market is not held responsible for interactions between the vendor and their customers. Instagram and Just Around The Corner Market are not affiliated with or responsible for the vendors personal giveaways, discounts or store credits. *
We ask that during the duration of the market, that you would kindly be willing to promote, comment on, encourage, etc. fellow shop owners. We will provide flyers and videos throughout the month that you can repost either on your feed posts, reels or stories, to promote your shop, each other and the market. *
We request that language and behavior be kind and considerate. Failure to treat others with respect can result in your no longer being in the market. *
Please understand that it may not be possible to add you to the current Market immediately, but please let us know what month you would prefer. *
What is your favorite original song on the Broadcast? *
Thank you so much for showing an interest in the Just Around The Corner Market.  🥰  
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