[REGISTRATION] Splash into Summer! Water Festival & Celadon (Porcelain) Festival [2Nights 3Days]
* Tour Gongbang (Tour 08) Co., Ltd. ((주)여행공방 together with the Jangheung Provincial Gov. & Gangjin Provincial Gov. are responsible for the management/part funding of this trip.
**There are no shopping offers/scams etc. This trip is primarily for the purpose of giving you a full cultural experience in Korea : )

2018 July 27th(Fri(night))~29th(Sun) [2Night 3Day]

08:00pm Fri 27th July, Front of Dragon Hill Spa (Yongsan Stn, dark blue line 1)
08:20pm, Jukjeon Highway Bus Stop (on way out of Seoul, recommended for people living Suwon way)

※For those that will find it hard to make 8pm bus... 1 bus will leave slightly later for late comers. However, as much as possible everyone needs to try to stick to initial departure time of 8pm. If you desperately need a seat on the slightly later departure please inform Natalie separately. Contact details below.

※※Pickup/Departure from a location other than mentioned above may be possible if there are at least 20 people.
If you sign up and there ends up being not enough people to enable the pick up/departure from a certain location 100% refund will be granted.
DAEJEON & GWANGJU this applies to you. You'll see the option when filling out form below.

TARGET PARTICIPANTS (foreigner - Korean partners accepted):

LIMIT: 90 people!!
Get in quick sticks~~~

Hwasun, Jeollanam-do
Goheung, Jeollanam-do
Jangheung, Jeollanam-do
Gangjin, Jeollanam-do
Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do!

SCHEDULE: (Full itinerary listed below - PLEASE READ IT!)

▶ Bus
▶ Meals x 3
▶ Activity fees x 2
▶ Accommodation x 2 nights
▶ Entrance Fees
▶ Guide/operation fee!
▶ Festivals x 2
▶Giant Water Pistol & Waterproof Case for phone to keep!!
Festival Links:
Water Festival ▶ http://festival.jangheung.go.kr/festival
Celadon (Porcelain) Festival ▶ http://www.gangjinfes.or.kr/

COST: (*Note this trip has been subsidized by locals governments to give you trip so cheap. You are getting for far less than 1/2 price of what trip is actually worth^^)
▶▶Group of 5+ may get a discount of 5,000won per person. (1 person must pay for all. But still all should fill out sign up link) If you are a family of 4+ this same discount shall apply.

1st night: Hwasun Dogok Oneness Resort (Sleeping 8~10/room. Rooms are very spacious. Ondol(floor) style sleeping)
2nd night: School Hall near Jangheung Water Festival Grounds (Group sleeping. Hall may be divided into sections i.e. females one side/males other side & perhaps certain area for mixed sex).
*Bedding mats etc. to be provided. Extra toilet shower facilities to be arranged.

For families etc looking for more private option, limited availability for the following on the 2nd night:
4 person room: 15,000won each per person
3 person room: 20,000won each per person
2 person room: 30,000won each per person
*Please note this option will be away from the festival ground and will not be able to attend night EDM party.
**Due to festivals in both Jangheung and Gangjin accommodation rates are very high/limited vacancy on this particular w.e.

[STEP 1] Fill out registration form and make payment to confirm your spot. Pls send payment slip/announce you have paid via email or fb inbox.
[STEP 2] You will be notified to say your spot has been confirmed (generally via email or kakao)
[STEP 3] An email with final reminders etc will be sent out a few days before the trip

▶On day 2 of the trip (Sat morning) please note breakfast is not provided. We have quite an early start that morning, as such, we suggest you prepare something light for the morning (Bread & milk for example) which you'll be able to get at a rest stop on the bus ride Friday night. We'll be having lunch around 11:30am on the Saturday (provided).

Cancellation within 10 days of trip no refund.
*Before this time if you need to cancel for any reason you can save the whole credit for another trip or choose to get 50% back.

Natalie (Foreigner Tour Manager) 010-8857-7863, natjgraham@hotmail.com

Automated email will be sent once registered.

Event cover
Destination locations
Size of the WATER PISTOLS that were given to the group last year! May not look quite so here but they were the BIGGEST of the BUNCH & will be yours to take home after the trip so you can have fun all summer long^^!
All set with water pistol & waterproof phone case ; )
Full itinerary
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