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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in our services.  Please complete this Client and Pet Info form and submit online.

New clients will also need to fill out a service agreement prior to or on your start date of service.  Unless we are notified of any changes, the information provided here will be used for immediate and future bookings.  We will not share any of your personal information without your prior authorization.
Service agreement can be found here:  (Please wait until your reservation is confirmed to complete the service agreement).

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Name of Owner *
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Emergency Contact(s) *
Service and dates needed *
Name of Dog *
For multiple dogs, complete this form for your first dog as well as an Additional Dog Profile form for each additional dog.
Age *
Breed *
Neutered/Spayed *
Dogs over 9 months of age must be neutered/spayed.  Males btw 6-9 months who have not yet been neutered will only be accepted if they do not display the typical behaviors of intact dogs (mounting, fixating on other dogs' private parts etc).
My dog is current on the following: *
Check all that apply.  Please email or text me a pic of your dog's records before his first visit.
Bordetella (Kennel cough vaccine) *
I understand and accept that Green Doggie Home Boarding does NOT require dogs to be vaccinated against Bordetella.  If I choose to vaccinate my dog for Bordetella and it is administered orally or through the nostrils, I understand that I must wait at least 2 weeks before bringing my dog to Green Doggie.
Name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian *
Is this facility open after hours and/or weekends?
Does your dog have any allergies, medical conditions, or injuries? *
Feeding instructions *
Meals are fed twice a day.  We recommend bringing your dog's regular food from home.  Alternatively we can feed our premium house dry dog food ($2 per cup) or homemade meals ($5-$7 per meal).  Please specify the amount to feed in cups (1 cup=8 oz).
Medication instructions
Basic medication administration is included in our service.  More complicated medication regimens will incur a small fee.
Other than his own food, what is your dog allowed to eat as an occassional snack?  
Check all that apply.
How many walks would you like your dog to have per day? *
A typical walk is about 30 minutes but we may adjust according to a dog's needs.
My dog is current on a flea preventative. *
We require dogs to be current on a flea preventative unless there are extenuating circumstances.  This is just an extra precaution we take to protect our doggie guests.  We absolutely cannot take any dog that has had fleas in the last 3 months.  Flea preventatives must be given no less than 48 hours before boarding/daycare.  Swimming dogs who wish to go on walks and/or hikes must be on an oral flea preventative (e.g. Nexgard or Bravecto).
Not yet but will be at least 48 hrs before boarding.
Row 1
I understand that my dog needs to be bathed  and checked over (by owner or groomer) to make sure he is flea free before visiting Green Doggie.  (Please do NOT take your dog to a dog park or high risk area for fleas after his bath.  During flea season, dogs with dark or long coats should be given a flea bath rather than a regular bath as it can be difficult to spot fleas even for trained professionals). *
Has your dog had fleas in the last 3 months? *
Is your dog allowed on furniture in your home?
If needed, we will do our best to enforce the same rules here that your dog is used to at home.
Where do you want your dog to sleep at night?
For safety reasons, we do not allow dogs to sleep outdoors.  We provide dogs beds.  Please do NOT bring beds/blankets from home.
Does your dog have issues with any of the following? *
Check all that apply.
Please describe further any issues checked in the previous question.
Skip this question if your doggie is a perfect angel.
Has your dog ever exhibited aggression towards people and/or other dogs?  (Growled, bitten beyond play biting, attacked etc.) *
Dogs must be completely dog-friendly and people-friendly (with adults) in order to stay with us.
How much socialization has your dog had with other dogs
Very little.
Extremely well socialized
Clear selection
Have you ever boarded your dog in a kennel, pet hotel, or private home before?  If so, what is the reason you are currently looking at other boarding options?
Would you like to receive periodic photo updates on Facebook while your dog is boarding with us? *
Optional Upgrades
Add a swim session to my dog's daily activities
Swim session fee:  $10+ (Additional charge will apply if dog requires extra grooming care beyond a quick towel dry).
Send my dog on an adventure hike if it is available.
Fee:  $15/hike  (Thurs and Sun hikes are 5 miles, approx 3 hours + drive time.  Dogs must be manageable on leash.  Large/strong dogs will likely need some sort of walking aid (e.g. no pull harness, gentle leader, or prong collar). Space is limited but we will try to make sure dogs who want to hike have the opportunity to go at least once during the boarding stay).
Serve my dog homemade meals.
Price per meal:  $5-$7.  Please specify the number of homemade meals you would like your dog to be fed (e.g. 2x/day throughout the stay).
Frozen yogurt, fruit, and honey pupsicle treats
Price per serving (2 bones):  $3
Clear selection
Premium dry dog food
Price per cup:  $2  We recommend bringing your dog's regular food to avoid digestive upset however most dogs do well on our all natural dry dog food.  Our house kibble is Natural Balance however we purchase other foods from time to time.
Photo session
Price:  $75
How did you find us?
Additional instructions:
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your dog's boarding experience a great one.  
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