R-BAR PAC Candidate Profile Sheet & Questionnaire
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Thank you for contacting us about your candidacy for local election in Berks County.

This application comes in two parts: (1) a general questionnaire on the candidate and the election, and (2) a list of questions pertaining to issues related to real estate in Berks County.

Upon receipt of your application, a member of R-BAR staff will get in touch with you and deliver your request to the R-BAR PAC Trustees to discuss. We may choose to invite you for an in-person discussion of your candidacy with some or all of our trustees.

R-BAR PAC is non-partisan and supports REALTOR®-friendly candidates regardless of party affiliation.

R-BAR PAC exclusively supports candidates seeking local office such as county, city, or other municipal races within Berks County. Candidates running for state or federal office should contact the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® or the National Association of REALTORS®.

If you have any questions, please contact the R-BAR office at (610) 375-8458 or email johns@realestateinberks.com
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