Submission to devcom NRW Indie Expo 2019
Thank you for your interest in showing your indie game at the NRW Indie Expo funded by the Premier of the Country of North-Rhine Westfalia – hooray!

We will select up to 45 playable game projects out of all entries to be shown at devcom on invite!

Which games are submittable?
You can apply with any game as long as there is a playable prototype - we prefer younger studios over older ones to make sure newcomers get a better chance.

The booth
What do you get for which price?
You will get:

* 1 business pass (with unlimited Matchmaking access) - regular price 899 ,- €
* 1 conference pass - regular price 449 ,- €
* 4 sqm booth structure
* Carpet
* Power supply
* Foiling (half wall)
* 1 high table and 2 bar stool

Please keep in mind that anything else, like computer and screens, has to be provided by yourselves and that booth conference passes are not transferrable.

All of that costs you only 450 ,- € in total if you get selected within the first draft until the 31st of July 2019 (if you got selected in the second draft after the 31st of July it is still only 550,- €).
Compared to the regular price of the passes alone you will save 898,- € by participating.
Please keep in mind that therefore we expect one person of the team showcasing all the time while the other one is free to participate in meetings or at lectures. We are not offering a cheap backdoor into the conference but want to offer a nice vivid Indie Expo for investors and publishers to check out!

If your studio is based in North Rhine-Westphalia you may be applicable for a free participation via our sponsor the premiere of state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

First submission deadline for the early bird is the 30st of July 2019. We (the devcom team) will check out every submission as they arrive so it is first come first serve.

Ok, back to the fun part! Please let us know about your projects (below the mood image) - and we hope to see you at devcom 2019!

devcom 2018 NRW Indie Area
devcom 2018 NRW Indie Area
Please let us know your contact and game details
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Thank You!
We´ll be in touch no later than on July 31st

Best regards,
André Bernhardt and the whole devcom team

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