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This is the application form for the Learning Marathon.
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Section 2: Your Learning Marathon proposal - what do you want to explore?
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This question frames your learning journey - just like a thesis question or problem statement. It needs to guide you and motivate you - so don't make it too long or complicated. For example 'How can movement and performance be used to overcome limiting thinking habits?' or 'How can I create and market self-love workshops for adults?'
Outline three learning objectives *
Your learning objectives refer to new understandings, skills or attitudes you wish to develop. This is what you intend to learn through exploration of your Learning Question and should be realistic for a five month programme. For example 'I will develop deeper understanding of education systems, through first hand experience in formal and informal education settings' or 'I aim to build the personal confidence I need to develop performances and share them with an audience'.
Describe the tangible deliverable/s you hope to produce *
The Learning Marathon is focused on project-based learning, supporting you to produce something that will demonstrate the work you've done. Developing your project may lead you to produce something very different to what you are able to outline now - but this gives us a sense of your starting point. For example 'a working prototype', 'a podcast that I've edited, produced and promoted', 'a short film about fatherhood under lockdown'. If you're not sure at this stage that's OK, but if you have any ideas at all write them here.
You understand that: *
The Learning Marathon is not a programme that is being run for you by someone else. It is a peer-to-peer programme which means participants take on shared responsibility for success and realisation of the experience. Your host will guide your journey and help you to make the most of this opportunity. The more participants contribute to the collective the more value there is available to everyone.
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Section 3: Your background and experience
How would you describe your relationship to fatherhood? *
Please tell us about something you have created or organised that has been unique and valuable. (max 100 words) *
Say a little about yourself and the stage you're at in life more generally - including where you're at career / work wise.
Section 4: Fees
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Bursary Eligibility
For 2021, we’ve partnered with a coalition of organisations to offer bursaries for people impacted by COVID-19. More information about these bursaries is available on our Medium blog.

- AC Diversity Bursary for young black Londoners and black men
- Amaliah Bursary for women of colour
- CoachBright Bursary for student volunteers
- Hustle Crew Bursary for a black woman or non-binary person on the Unravelling Time Learning Marathon
- Institute for the Future of Work Bursary for the people of Grimsby
- Leeds Beckett University Personal Development Bursary for recent graduates facing hardship in the current climate
- More in Common Bursary for community activists, offered by the Jo Cox Foundation
- Street Space Bursary for the people of Barking and Dagenham
- The Ubele Initiative Bursary for BAME people
- You Make It Bursary for programme alumni

Additional bursaries are available for groups impacted by COVID-19 including but not limited to; young people; those in worse affected regions; those who have been made redundant; those on a lower income; the self-employed.

By applying for a bursary offered in partnership through the Abundancy Coalition, you consent to us sharing information about your application and Learning Marathon with the bursary partner offering your place.
Are you applying for a bursary? *
Please tell us a bit about your eligibility.
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