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Startup Showcase week allows you to showcase your startup and your team to us. It gives us a chance to see how far you have come along. It will not be a competition-style event, instead, you will have the opportunity to introduce your startup on Discord ( and to introduce your team members.

Requirements to Participate in CUNY Startups Accelerator Program:
1. You must fill out this form.
2. You must have at least 2 team members.
3. You must have something (Minimum Viable Product, Proof of Concept, or Prototype) to show when presenting during the week. In other words, your startup must be past the idea stage
4. One of your team members must be a CUNY student or recently graduated (within the last 12 months).

Note: Thanks to Santander Bank, we will be giving $3K - $5K to 5 eligible CUNY students that successfully complete this program.
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