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Quarter 1 2024 - The Made in Group Manufacturing Growth Strategies survey (3-minutes to complete - 10 questions)
Unlock exclusive insights into manufacturing growth strategies! Participate in our survey for an advance preview of the valuable report and insights into the manufacturing community. Don't miss out – your input matters! This information will be shared with you ahead of publication.
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Survey Questions Part 1/2 (Business Growth)
We have redesigned our Survey to make it more clear and concise. The questions have been broken down into two sections: section one concentrated on the business growth and section two focuses on sustainability. (There are 10 questions in total)
1. How has the past 12 months been in terms of growth for your business?
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2. What are your business growth expectations for the coming 12 months?
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3. IF you are anticipating business growth, where is that likely to come from (Tick all that apply)
4. What strategies are helping you manage increases in business and/or production
costs? (Tick all that apply)
AGENDA PRIORITY: Risk Management & Succession Planning

  (part 2/2)
5. How frequently does your organisation conduct formal risk assessments to identify potential threats to its operations?
6. What are the primary categories of risks that your organisation currently monitors or addresses? (Tick all that apply)
Tick which applies
Financial risks (e.g., market fluctuations, currency exchange rates)
Operational risks (e.g., supply chain disruptions, technology failures)
Compliance, H&S, and regulatory risks
Reputational risks (e.g., public relations, brand image)

7. What measures or strategies does your organisation have in place to mitigate or respond to potential business risks and disruptions? (Tick all that apply) 

Tick All that apply
Business continuity planning
Contingency planning for key operations
Insurance policies covering various risks
Regular monitoring of market trends and industry changes
Risk transfer through insurance or contracts
Risk avoidance by discontinuing certain activities
Risk acceptance with a contingency plan in place

If other (please specify)

8. How would you rate the current level of succession planning within your organisation? 

9. Have you identified potential successors for key leadership roles within your organisation?
Tick all that apply
Yes, successors have been identified and are being prepared for their roles
Some potential successors have been identified, but further development is needed
No specific successors have been identified yet
Don’t know
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10. How do you plan to address potential risks and challenges associated with leadership transitions and succession planning? (Tick all that apply)
Tick all that apply
Formalised leadership development programs
Mentoring and coaching programs for potential successors
Succession planning workshops and training sessions
External recruitment for critical leadership positions
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If other (please specify)
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